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Starting from July 20th, Paytend Mastercard and Visa cards are now supported to be linked with WeChat Pay.


On July 20th, WeChat Pay deepened its cooperation with international card organizations such as Visa, Discover Global Network (including Diners Club), JCB, and Mastercard, fully opening up the WeChat Pay merchant network in various cities across China. This initiative will support merchants in the fields of restaurants, transportation, supermarkets, and travel, providing various payment methods such as scanning, being scanned, WeChat Mini Program, and In-APP, continuously expanding the scope of consumer scenarios.

According to the service agreement with international card organizations.To support users' needs for small and frequent transactions, for international card transactions with a single transaction amount of 200 yuan or less, WeChat Pay will bear the related fees and exempt users from transaction handling fees (subject to the payment page prompts for specific details).

Now, Paytend Mastercard and Visa cards are supported to be linked with WeChat Pay, making it more convenient for overseas customers to make payments in various sectors in China, including restaurants, transportation, supermarkets, and travel. Paytend has always been committed to providing cardholders with safer and simpler payment methods because we understand our customers better. In the first half of 2023, Paytend launched the Visa card, which can be linked to Paytend bank accounts and supports contactless payments through PayWave. A senior executive at Paytend stated "We are delighted to provide users with Paytend Mastercard and Visa cards, making cross-border payments simple." "Binding Paytend bank cards with WeChat will provide users with a seamless payment experience, no matter where they are in the world."