Mastercard Business Card

Mastercard BusinessCard is a prepaid card issued to companies' employees to satisfy the travel, purchase and other business expenses plus financial management needs.

More convinient

icon-dg Download Paytend App and one click to bind.

icon-dg Real time transaction flow alert, clear & transparent on account balance.

icon-dg With Paytend and Mastercard’s powerful connection with merchants around the world, the wide acceptance of the card is guaranteed.


mc card
Computer and phone


icon-dg-b Apply security chips to store the cardholder information and be able to effectively reduce the possibility of being copied or compromised.

icon-dg-b Ensure the transaction information stays untouched by verifying the respective transaction data while inserting the chips to pay to secure the transaction.


Global Consumption

icon-dg Pay like a local wherever you are in the world.

icon-dg Pay easily in stores, online and in-apps around the world.


Computer and phone
MC pay

Overseas Withdrawal

icon-dg-b Able to withdraw at any ATM worldwide.

icon-dg-b Virtual cards are able to withdraw from ATMs after adding to Apple Pay or Google Pay.*

*Coming soon