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Paytend launched a Visa card, enabling users to enjoy an easier, safer, and more reliable way to pay.

Laimonas Zmuidinavicius, the CEO of Paytend, stated: "We are excited to offer our customers the Visa card, which provides an easy and secure payment method. Our mission is to simplify the payment process for all users, and partnering with Visa is an important step in achieving this goal."

The Paytend Visa card is straightforward and easy to use. Customers can simply recharge the card on the Paytend app and follow a few simple setup steps to start using it. The card can be used for purchasing everyday items, at pharmacies, restaurants, or for shopping, without the need to carry cash or a credit card. Payments can be made through contactless payments by placing the card near the payment terminal. cards have no credit history requirements, and anyone can apply for one. Additionally, it can also be chosen as a gift card to offer a special gift to family and friends, allowing them to freely choose the products they want.

The Senior Product Director of Paytend said: "We are excited to offer our users a card that makes cross-border payments simple and worry-free. Our new Visa card, along with the convenience of Apple Pay and Google Pay, will provide our users with a seamless payment experience no matter where they are in the world."

Paytend Visa card is designed specifically to meet the needs of global business travelers, providing high-quality cross-border payment services. The card can be linked to a Paytend bank account and supports contactless payment through PayWave. The card is highly secure, protecting users' personal and financial information. Download the Paytend mobile banking app now and register online to start your business travel journey immediately!

Paytend has always been committed to providing innovative and cutting-edge payment solutions to users, and has partnered with Visa to launch this Visa card, allowing users to enjoy a more secure, simple, and reliable payment method. 


About Paytend

Paytend is a digital bank based in Europe and serving customers worldwide. With the support of the EU EMI license and a technology infrastructure that meets European regulatory requirements, Paytend provides innovative digital banking services to European users and overseas Chinese customers. Paytend's mission is to enable users to enjoy simpler, safer, and faster payment methods. To learn more about Paytend, please visit our website: