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About Paytend


Paytend Europe UAB is a digital bank based in Europe and facing the world.  Obtaining EU EMI license and the technical framework that meets European regulatory requirements, it provides innovative digital banking services for European users and overseas Chinese around the world. Paytend provides better and more efficient financial collection and payment services for commercial customers in the field of international trade and individual customers engaged in international trade.

Paytend Europe UAB holds an EU EMI license, and is subject to the supervision of the European Central Bank. Paytend is permitted to conduct business in 30 member countries of the European Economic Area

Paytend Europe UAB is a member of SWIFT (UAPULT22), SEPA (31200) and the EPC Institution of the EU Payment Association. Holding the EU EMI license (LB000480), Paytend Europe UAB is allowed to provide excellent financial services within the unified regulation of the European Central Bank to ensure the safety of funds.

Paytend Europe UAB strictly abides by the GDPR and the PSD2 to ensure the privacy and security of personal data. Paytend has also obtained PCI DSS financial security certification.