Why was I charged more than expected?

All transactions take place in real-time. We'll alert you when any incoming or outgoing transaction happens via push message.

Sometimes a transaction could look suspicious because the final debited amount can differ from the original transaction amount for a few reasons:

  • A merchant blocks a higher amount for a deposit (for example, at a gas station, or a car rental or hotel booking), and the difference is credited to your account once the deposit is no longer required.
  • Changes in exchange rates may result in slight differences in the total for transactions made in foreign currencies.
  • We recommend choosing your local currency to get the best exchange rate when using your Mastercard for purchases or to withdraw cash (if not, additional fees may apply).
  • For payment outside EEA, we charge 2% (minimum €0.6) additional.

In both cases, we don’t charge interest for the difference in amounts.

But if you’re certain that a transaction is unauthorized by you, we could help get your money back.