Why was I charged an ATM fee?

The amount of free cash withdrawals you have with your Paytend Mastercard depends on your T&C Country (the country you originally shipped your first card to). To avoid certain fees, especially when travelling, you can use the Mastercard ATM Locator or Union Pay International ATM Locator and select 'no access fee' to find free ATM’s nearby. If you are charged an ATM fee this could be for a number of reasons and you can find out more below:

  • A 2% fee(minimum €3) applies to any withdrawal. You can identify this fee in your transaction history as a separate transaction.
  • Some ATMs may come with their own fees. This fee will appear within the same transaction in your transaction list, that is added on top of the withdrawal amount. We have no control over these fees and can’t reject or reverse them. You’ll be informed before the end of a withdrawal if additional fees apply and you have the possibility of cancelling it.
  • Foreign currency ATM withdrawals sometimes include fees. With the Paytend  UPI debit, there’s a fee of €3 per transaction of the withdrawal amount.