Why I haven't receive the money yet?

For Transfer-In,

1. Please make sure the remitting bank has sent out the fund and the transaction is successful , you may also consult the remitting bank about the estimate fund arriving time.

2. If you saw the transaction marked as grey on Paytend app, and the amount haven't been counted in to the balance yet:

a. If the grey status lasted less than 4 hours, it is normal and please be patient. Our operator would process the transaction on working hours, then the amount would be counted into  the balance.

b. If the grey status lasted more than 4 hours, please check your registered email to see if received any email from Paytend compliance team, and act accordingly and reply.

3. If you haven't received any inquiry email, please contact Paytend customer support team.


For Transfer-Out, 

1. If the transaction was made in 4 hours, please be patient and the fund should arrive in 1 working day.

2. If the transaction was successful but haven't arrive in 1 working day, you may contact the customer support team for help.