Why did the merchant charge a fee for my card payment?


Merchants may charge you additional fees by applying:

  1. Surcharge fees
  2. Currency exchange fees

What is a merchant surcharge?

Merchants may charge you an additional fee if you choose to pay by card. This fee is defined by the merchant.

For example, if you pay £10 (British Pounds) at a store, the merchant may apply a £0.5 surcharge, so you'll be charged a total of £10.5.

    Why was my card payment charged in a different currency and why was I charged extra for this?

    Two currency exchanges may happen:

    - On the merchant's side

    - On Paytend's side

    When you are shopping abroad or are making a purchase from a foreign website, the merchant may provide you with the option of being charged in your “home currency” rather than in the country where the merchant is based (“local currency”). If you accept the currency exchange, the merchant will apply its own exchange rate and charge you extra. This is referred to as dynamic currency conversion (“DCC”).