What are the industry restrictions for SWIFT transactions?

We do not provide services to the clients who carry out these activities:

  • Activities and services related to red light business, dating websites, escort services and similar.
  • Online sales of food supplements and medical goods (not applicable to online ordering and delivery of these goods when organized by pharmacies licenced in Lithuania).
  • Activities of charitable and non-profit organizations (NPOs), except for organizations recognized in the Republic of Lithuania or worldwide (eg. International Red Cross, UN World Food Program, Maisto Bankas, etc.).
  • Provision of unlicensed casinos, gambling, betting, gaming and related services.
  • Any illicit activity, including activities related to organized crime, drugs, arms, money laundering, the production and distribution of pornographic material, the organization of illegal gambling and betting, illegal investment activities and other illegal activities.
  • Activities related to the provision of unlicensed and / or improperly registered financial services, as well as trading in virtual currencies / assets, depository virtual currency monetary service providers and other similar activities.

Regardless of the industry, we do not provide services to customers, who:

  • Are legal persons whose activities are organized using bearer shares.
  • Are included in the lists of persons engaged in illegal activities of official institutions of the Republic of Lithuania (eg. Gambling Supervisory Authority) and / or the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)).
  • Are politically exposed persons (PEPs) residing outside the European Economic Area, as well as the legal entities whose ultimate beneficial owner is a PEP.