Business account opening


To open a Paytend business IBAN account, you need to follow the instructions to upload relevant qualifications when you upgrade to a primary account.

IBAN opening process for business accounts:

1. Put in the mobile phone number/invitation code (the invitation code is optional, obtained from the agent or sharer);

2. Set the login password and enter the login password again to confirm;

3. On the fourth page at the bottom of the APP,  click the account status tab to enter the account upgrade page;

4. Click to upgrade now;

5. Choose a corporate account;

6. Fill in the relevant information of the company: the country, city, detailed address, full name of the company's registered name, English name, business scope, registration number, business contact name and phone number;

7. Upload the business license, equity certificate, and legal representative's identity documents as required and perform face recognition through Paytend App;

8. The registration is successful.